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Born in France, lived in Canada, currently based in the UK.

Fluent in French, French Canadian, English, and Sarcasm.

I listen to music, sing off key, travel a lot, laugh weirdly, play with my hair, sleep too much, enjoy challenges... and make pictures.

Luckily, I have amazing friends who talk about my work better than I do.

I love your photos because I can hear the music playing just by watching them. You always catch the key moments of whatever's going on. - Tony
Your photos surprised me. They left me with a strange impression... I felt good after looking at them. I had a smile on my face and I hadn't realised at first. I was watching a story unfold, I was going through your life with you, I was torn between joy and nostalgia. When I was done I felt somehow empty, as if I were saying goodbye to friends. The kindness you show towards your subjects made me feel like I was part of the story. Thank you for letting me in on it. - Emma

If you need to know more... follow my blog or drop me a message!

People I've enjoyed (or still enjoy!) working with:

Alternative Press (US), Rock One / MyRock (FR), Aberystwyth Ego (UK), Rock & Waves, Live 'N Loud, The Seventh Stage, Spread Their Sound, RockUrLife, Debunk, Liz Labelle, My Favourite Runner Up, One Heartbeat Productions, Only-Talent Productions / Alternative Live.

I convinced eight of my fellow Parisian music photographer friends to create an exhibition of live music shots in one of our favourite Parisian venues. Have a look at the result! (Video filmed and edited by the one and only Mathieu Spadaro!)


I'm part of a project providing a safe place for bands on tour to crash at. Check it out!